Welcome to the COVID-Profiler - a collection of tools which allow users to analyse Sars-Cov-2 sequencing and immunological data.


This tool takes whole genome sequence data (NGS or assembled sequence) and produces a report on the mutations present.


Align multiple sequence and reconstruct a maximum likelihood phylogeny. A tree is produced as well as several intermediate files.


Check conservation of primer binding sites across the timeline of the pandemic and in different geographic regions through interactive plots

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This work was made possible through a great collaborative effort. We welcome any suggestions or contributions, so do not hesitate to get in touch with Jody Phelan or Wouter Deelder. The project is completely open source and the links to the source code is available below.

Sequences are aligned to the reference genome (NC_045512.2) using minimap2 [1]. Variants are called using paftools.js from the minimap2 package and bcftools [2] and transformed into a fasta alignment. IQ-TREE [3] is used to reconstruct the phylogeny. Custom scripts utilising ete3 [4] are used to position new isolates on the tree which are visualised using phylotree.js [5] in the web browser. Sample data is downloaded from NCBI nucleotide database using Entrez Direct. The website is built using flask. All the code is available from https://github.com/jodyphelan/covid-profiler.
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This tool is for Research Use Only. It has not been approved, cleared, or licensed by any regulatory authority. By submitting sequence data the user acknowledges no intended medical purpose or objective such as clinical diagnosis, patient management, or human clinical trials.