SARS-CoV-2 Mutation Tracker

Resources for tracking SARS-CoV-2 mutations through the immunoanalytics database (updated weekly)

Total Sequence Frequencies
A stacked bar plot can be used to monitor the output of sequence data (via GISAID) globally.
Hover your mouse over a bar for a breakdown of that week period.
Cick on a region in the legend to highlight the corrosponding bars.

Variants of Interest
This table contains variants that have increased (significantly) in frequency over a 10 week preiod, grouped by geographic region.....
Each variant featured in this table can be found in the 'VOI' gene catagory in the 'Mutation Tracker' tab.
The variants are identified using the same dataset featured in the immunoanalytics tool. We used a linear regression to highlight alleles with increasing frequency.
Each variant has the accompanying metadata from the immunoanalytics page, including IEDB epitopes, epitope prediction, Human-CoV homology analysis and many more.

Mutation Tracking
A line plot of allele frequences of every non-synonymous variant identified in our dataset
Select the gene and the (reletive) gene position position from the dropdown menu to visulise the data
Variants of interest featured in the table can be found in the VOI 'gene' catagory.

Protein Modelling
Currently in development
Variants and other metadata represented on the 3D surface of the SARS-CoV-2 protein in question
You can use the main plot to view all mutations across the genome by total frequency and then come back here to view its temporal/spatial spread. It is important to understand the frequency of sampling for a given continent or week when looking at the frequency of a mutation. Use both plots to assess how sampling may skew the reported allele frequencies. More feature updates will follow soon. We will update this page with links to acquire the raw data for this analysis ASAP. If you require it urgently, contact